Episode 1

Locked Inside My Car

A woman calls 911 after becoming locked inside her own car. Meanwhile, a man has too much fun in a pool. Did these situations really require a call to 911?

Episode 2

They Made my Burger Wrong

A woman calls 911 when she is unhappy with a burger. Plus, a priest needs help getting out of cuffs. Did these situations really require a call to 911?

Episode 3

CPR on a Bear

A woman gives CPR to a lifeless bear and a man reports his blow-up doll stolen. Plus, a burglar calls 911 when he is getting locked in the place he...

Episode 4

Big Flies and Missing Chickens

A man wants the police to take care of the flies in his kitchen. Meanwhile, a husband calls 911 when his wife's zip gets stuck.

Episode 5

Black Magic and Burritos

Pet owners have no choice but to call the authorities when their cat goes off the deep end. Meanwhile, a little boy drives his mom's SUV down the road.

Episode 6

Trapped Under a Buffalo Head

A trucker who thinks he just saw Bigfoot calls 911 for assistance. Plus a guy trapped under a buffalo head is in need of help.

Episode 7

Naked Truck Push

A man who witnesses seven naked men pushing a truck calls the police. Plus, a girl who gets stuck in a swing on a playground is in need of help.

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