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24th September


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The “dirty dozen” survivors come together for the first time since their life-changing 40-day challenge. They’ll discuss good times, hard times, and try to heal unresolved issues.


Sep 24



Episode 11

Banished But Not Broken

With extraction just days away, a survivalist tries to complete the challenge alone. Gwen and Sarah push for one last kill and a snake bite could be lethal.

Episode 1

Valley Of The Banished

12 survivalists enter a punishing African location for their 40-day challenge. They encounter deadly crocodiles and territorial leopards.

Episode 2

Croc Shock

As temperatures soar, the remaining survivalists try to hunt whilst being hunted themselves. They fend off aggressive crocodiles and the team is in turmoil.

Episode 3

The Barehanded Killer

After self-banishing, Kate is hit by Africa's elements. The survivalists are desperately hungry until Bulent has a positive hunt - will vegan Makani eat it?

Episode 4

No Calm After The Storm

A brutal windstorm punishes the survivalists. A row with Bulent leads Makani to risk going it alone. The team goes on a make or break hunt.

Episode 5

Boiling Point

Makani pushes through the valley to find a new tribe. Ryan hatches a high-risk plan to get a kill. And, the heat forces a survivalist to leave the challenge.

Episode 6


An unlikely alliance scores the challenge's first big-game kill and Suzanne self-banishes from Seth. On a two-day hunting mission, Ryan is surrounded by deadly predators.

Episode 7

A Matter Of Life Or Seth

Scorching heat punishes Suzanne as she goes it alone. Plus, a potential snake attack could be Seth's first African food win and Bulent takes on a lizard.

Episode 8

Keep Your Frenemies Close

Wes scores another kill, but when a large group enters their camp, tensions flare. Bulent migrates to Seth's watering hole, will the two join forces?

Episode 9

Third Times The Harm

Wes and the team get their third big-game kill, but the victory quickly becomes a dangerous medical situation. Plus, Bulent is tested by a heat wave.

Episode 10

Crossbow And A Cross To Bear

Desperate for food, Gwen and Sarah lead the charge to build a crossbow in the bush while Ryan feels the pressure. And, a fire pushes Bulent to the edge.