About The Show

The “dirty dozen” survivors come together for the first time since their life-changing 40-day challenge. They’ll discuss good times, hard times, and try to heal unresolved issues.


Episode 1

Frozen: Rocky Road Ahead

Twelve elite survivalists take on the sub-freezing Rocky Mountains of Montana. Severe dehydration puts a survivalist's challenge at risk.

Episode 2

Frozen: Stay With Me

Wes and Jermaine struggle after drinking tainted water. Teams fortify their shelters against the cold and medics must intervene after a fainting spell.

Episode 3

Frozen: Hypothermic When Wet

Jake and Waz brave frigid water to build a dam. Gabby takes a risk that may lead to hypothermia. Jermaine and Sarah clash over survival strategies.

Episode 4

Frozen: Snow Rest For The Weary

An overnight snowstorm tests the survivalists' will, leading to a leadership change. Heart conditions put Sarah and Joe's challenges at risk.

Episode 5

Frozen: Thin Air, Fat Chance

Wes confronts Sarah, and a mountain lion stalks the survivalists. Plus, medics are forced to remove a survivalist from the challenge.

Episode 6

Frozen: Bear Of A Finish

A grizzly bear mauling leads to a frightening search-and-rescue mission. Montana delivers a ferocious windstorm the night before extraction.

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