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30th June


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The “dirty dozen” survivors come together for the first time since their life-changing 40-day challenge. They’ll discuss good times, hard times, and try to heal unresolved issues.


Jun 30



Episode 3

In Your Face, Amazon!

Waz struggles on his first day in the jungle alone whilst Steven battles plummeting temperatures. Plus, another ruthless storm tests the survivalists.

Jul 7



Episode 4

The Legends Return

Three elite survivalists join the challenge. Dan and Waz take on dangerous prey, risking serious injury. Amber battles an aggressive caiman to feed her team.

Episode 1

The Next Level Begins

In the ruthless jungles of the Peruvian Amazon, 12 survivalists begin a new challenge. Some go for 40 days, while others attempt 60-day legend status.

Episode 1

I'm In Big Trouble

12 elite survivalists venture into the treacherous Peruvian Amazon for 60 days. They face ruthless conditions, giant anacondas, and flesh-eating piranhas.

Episode 2

Amazon Pain Forest

A survivalist's first meal may be their last when bacteria hit them hard. A painful foot burn has an XL veteran on the brink and two survivalists are forced out.

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