About The Show

Nine challengers are put to the ultimate test when they are stranded on an island. Abandoned with no map or tools, they must scavage the island to survive.


Episode 1

Lord Of The Sand Flies

Nine veterans are marooned on an island with no tools or maps. It's day one and insect bites already ravage the camps. Plus, a large predator stalks one team.

Episode 2

The Barehanded Killer Is Back

Andrew and Heather try to make fire, but the only sparks come from their conflict. Candice's team re-purposes debris to trap a protein source.

Episode 3

Time To Be A Badass

Ravaged by bugs, Heather must move camp. But with no map, the gruelling trek puts Andrew's challenge at risk.

Episode 4

Trading One Hell For Another

Desperate and depleted, Heather, Andrew and Patrick scavenge debris to make fire. Later, a survivalist is medially evacuated off the island.

Episode 5

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done

A heated discussion about fire sparks into a raging fight between some of the survivalists. Plus, a team splinters into two groups.

Episode 6

Hell Hogs And High Water

Two teams merge halfway through the challenge. Plus, high tides wipe out another team's water source and Bulent finally encounters an elusive wild boar.

Episode 7

Crash And Burning Up

Bulent struggles with uninvited guests. A water migration tests Na'im, Kerra and Justin's raft - and a mysterious fever puts their challenge at risk.

Episode 8

Brawl Out

To be rescued, the remaining castaways take a punishing hike and construct a raft. An explosive fight between Na'im and Patrick threatens extraction.

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