Episode 1

Fast & Furious Ejector Seat

Elite builders face off to become the next Mythbusters crew and test two tall tales - the sideways ejector seat and infamous 'Deflategate' football.

Episode 2

Painting With Explosives Revisited

The remaining competitors attempt to solve the myth about painting with explosives. And, they test the theory that alcohol increases creativity.

Episode 3

Shooting Blind

With two competitors eliminated the remaining builders attempt a cardboard boat. Plus, gun skills are tested when they probe the myth of targeting by sound alone.

Episode 4

Revenge Of The Needle In A Haystack

Seven remaining competitors revisit the Needle in a Haystack myth and attempt to improve on the original team's techniques.

Episode 5

The A-Team Challenge

It's a myth straight out of the A-Team - can you make a weapon out of junkyard scrap? Then, they find what it takes to make a bike impossible to...

Episode 6

Hollywood Plane Landing

Is it possible to scale a building with vacuum cleaners? Could an amateur land a plane with radio instructions? The build team contestants find out.

Episode 7

Return Of The Spy Car

The contestants must build a spy car that can blind a vehicle in pursuit. Plus, they spend six minutes in an open coffin filled with snakes, rats, and worms.

Episode 8

Exploding Grand Finale

The remaining contestants tackle the two most difficult myths yet - a water heater rocket and a walking-on-water challenge - before the winners are revealed!

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