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18th June


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Duane Ollinger believes there’s a fortune of gold buried beneath his property in Utah. He’s not going to stop until he finds the treasure, no matter the cost.


Episode 1

$3 Billion Heist

Duane and Chad Ollinger return to the Ranch to unearth $3 billion in hidden treasure. Claim jumpers invade the property, threatening to derail everything.

Episode 2

Underground Tsunami

Searching for the hidden entrance to the cave system, the team uncovers an ancient vent shaft above the Energy Zone but are thrown off by an explosion.

Episode 3

Aztec Evidence

When an underground tsunami floods the cavern system, Duane and his team enter it from higher ground - discovering evidence of Aztec artifacts.

Episode 4

The Mormon Wagon Trail

After uncovering a bar of gold at the Bead Site, Chad and James set out to research where it might have come from and see if they can find more.

Episode 5

Into The Mormon Eye

The team tries a dangerous manoeuvre on the trail of the Lost Rhoades Mine to access the Mormon Eye cave. Back on the ranch, Duane discovers more poacher sites.

Episode 6

Back To The Energy Zone

The team resumes drilling into the Energy Zone. Duane takes a stand against the poachers and Charlie finds a dead animal with unusual bite marks on it.

Episode 7

Battle Of The Black Rock

While drilling into the cavern for Aztec gold, the team strikes an impenetrable object deep underground that reveals the truth about the Energy Zone.

Episode 8

Into The Cavern

After hitting a meteorite deep underground the team searches for an alternate route into the cavern. Chad discovers a clue that leads to a breakthrough.

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