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Duane Ollinger believes there’s a fortune of gold buried beneath his property in Utah. He’s not going to stop until he finds the treasure, no matter the cost.


Episode 1

No Dyin' Tryin' Today

The crew return to the ranch to strategize a new plan to get the box out of the underwater cave. And, Charlie investigates a mysterious death on the ranch.

Episode 2

Aztec Or Not?

The results from the radiocarbon testing are in, which will tell Duane if the box is Aztec or not. And, the men discover they are being watched by a high-tech...

Episode 3

Diving Blind

When a windstorm ruins visibility in the water, Chad considers a risky blind dive to extract the box. Plus, intruders are discovered on the ranch.

Episode 4

What's Inside The Box?

Chad makes a huge mistake that could prove costly. Plus, a shocking discovery inside the box forces Duane to rethink everything.

Episode 5

Radioactive Rocks

Determined to get into the cavern, Duane explores new methods to find a dry entrance. Meanwhile, Chad takes to the skies in search of a natural opening.

Episode 6

The Void

After Duane makes a costly mistake, Eric and Chad finally discover what they've been looking for. However, the crew gets distracted by mysterious intruders

Episode 7

To The Center Of The Earth

After the crew drills into a dry cavern, they must devise a plan to protect themselves from poisonous gases. But trespassers threaten their progress.

Episode 8

Darkness, Danger And Death

As the crew explore the cavern, they are overcome by a deadly and invisible gas cloud. It'll take a complicated rescue mission to get them out alive.

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