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11th June


About The Show

The underwater realm is a hostile, unexplored frontier where the unknown is normal, and understanding is rare. In this extraordinary series, biologist and angler, Jeremy Wade, searches the globe for the most iconic and baffling underwater mysteries known to science, from ships disappearing without trace, to lost treasure and inexplicable undersea anomalies.

Through incredible archive and expert analysis, each episode brings a variety of mystifying stories to life and explores how ground-breaking new research could cast new light on some of the greatest mysteries of all time. The world’s oceans are the source of thousands of unsolved mysteries, and Jeremy is on a mission for the truth lurking beneath the surface.


Jun 11



Episode 3

Curse Of The Kraken

Jeremy Wade reveals the new deep-sea discoveries that might prove the existence of the infamous giant squid. Is this underwater monster the legendary kraken?

Jun 18



Episode 7

Hunt For Noah's Ark

Jeremy Wade explores how fresh insights into ancient boat building techniques shed new light on the truth behind the biblical story of Noah's Flood.

Episode 1

Episode 1

Jeremy Wade explores a revolutionary technique that could identify the Loch Ness Monster. Plus, how did a man survive for several days trapped in a shipwreck?

Episode 4

The Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

Jeremy Wade investigates if one of the Bermuda Triangle's most infamous disappearances was part of a conspiracy by a secret agent at war with the US.

Episode 9

Nazi Toxic Hell Sub

Jeremy explores a perfectly preserved 140-year-old wreck at the bottom of the Great Lakes. And, what's the dark secret buried inside a Nazi submarine?