About The Show

History enthusiast Don Wildman unearths extraordinary relics and sinister artefacts, each with an incredible story to tell and a secret to be revealed.


Episode 1

Undercover Informant And More

Don Wildman investigates a mob informant who helped take down Al Capone, a jet engine used in a daring railroad experiment and an unexpected artist.

Episode 2

Radar Dog And More

Don Wildman investigates a dog with a sixth sense for danger, the harrowing tale of a drill rescue and a magazine detailing the murder of a famous model.

Episode 3

Dorothy of Dakota And More

Don investigates a girl who went over the rainbow, a deep-sea design with mysterious origins and a man who dug his way into a woman's heart.

Episode 4

How To Sell The Eiffel Tower

Don Wildman investigates a legendary scam artist, an African lake with a hidden danger and a young girl who celebrated her birthday at the White House.