About The Show

We revisit six of the addicts whose stories shocked the world. Some have transformed their lives, while others have become more compulsive than ever. Includes brand new footage.


Episode 1

Pony Play/Addicted to Drinking Paint

31-year-old Nicole is addicted to dressing up and acting like a pony. Plus, meet single mother Heather who is addicted to drinking paint.

Episode 2

Identical Twin Obsession/Eats Mattresses

Identical twins Amy and Becky never separate and even go on blind dates together. Plus, meet Jennifer who likes to munch on her mattress.

Episode 3

Proud to be Plastic

44-year-old mother Lacey has had at least 30 plastic surgeries and is planning more. Will her children be able to convince her to give up her addiction?

Episode 4

Chews Dirty Diapers/Addicted to Leeches

22-year-old Keisha is addicted to chewing on urine-soaked diapers. Plus, meet 50-year-old Vladimir who is addicted to using leeches.

Episode 5

Justin Bieber Look-a-Like/Make-Up Eater

A 33-year-old man spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Plus, meet a 22-year-old woman who can't stop eating makeup.

Episode 6

Addicted to a Doll/Eats Plastic Bags

Robert consumes up to 16 plastic bags every week. Plus, 48-year-old Catherine can't part from her plastic doll. Can she ditch her addiction?