Episode 1

Flabby Tabby And Chunky Chihuahua

Travis' pet expertise is put to the test when he's called to help out a 24-pound cat who acts out unless he has round-the-clock access to food.

Episode 2

Beagle Burglar

Travis helps a 13-year-old Beagle from overeating and stealing food from other dogs. Plus, a Papillion must get to his ideal weight in order to be adopted.

Episode 3

Thor God Of Blubber

Travis must change the home environment of an overweight cat with medical issues. And, he advises overprotective parents on their 85-lb Golden-Pyrenees mix.

Episode 4

Baby Got Back

Travis must help Chipa the Chihuahua lose weight and learn to ignore food. Later, he advises a large family whose pot-bellied pig faces serious health risks.

Episode 5

Fit Family, Fat Dog

Travis teaches a fat Lagotto Romagnolo to ignore distractions so she can do her job as an emotional support dog. Later, he helps an overweight Shar-Pei.

Episode 6

The Wedding Diet

Travis helps Stella lose weight before her owners' wedding. Plus, the Hernandez family must stop feeding their extra-large Boxer, Petey, table scraps.

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