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Sunday 13th October at 11:00 pm

Quest Red

About The Show

To cope with the emotional turmoil of his childhood, 23-year-old Chay has eaten his way to 600-lbs – and it’s threatening to kill him before turning 30.


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Episode 13

Kelly's Story

Kelly inherited her love of food from her obese mum. After a personal tragedy her weight ballooned to over 700-lb and she is on the verge of immobility.

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Episode 14

Annjeannette's Story

When Annjeannette was nine, a public campaign was set up to send her to fat camp. The fat-shaming has continued, and she has struggled with food addiction.

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Episode 15

Angela's Story

When Angela's family is unable to join her on her weight-loss journey, she reaches out to an old love, who is willing to make the trip to Texas with her.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

LaShanta's Story

Bed-bound for two years, Lashanta relies on her kids to clean and feed her. She's determined to join Dr. Now's programme, but she needs help to leave the house.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Cillas' Story

Having spent the last two years in his bed due to his weight, Cillas' food addiction prevents him from being there for his fiancée and her three daughters.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Mercedes' Story

With severe lymphedema Mercedes can barely stand, and her family helps her care for her young kids. To successfully lose weight she must confront her past trauma.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Angie J's Story

At over 600-lbs, Angie is trying to get to Houston to see Dr. Now and get life-saving weight-loss surgery. But a family conflict proves to be an obstacle.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Vianey & Allen's Story

At over 600-lbs each, Vianey and Allen are in a co-dependent relationship based on a shared love of food. Can they conquer their food addiction together?