Episode 1

You Could Be Next

When a sheriff's wife is the victim of a cold-blooded murder, theories buzz throughout the community. Is a serial killer lurking the streets?

Episode 2

Friend Of The Devil

Within a month, four men in Orange County are brutally stabbed by a mysterious man. Are the killings connected to a double murder that occurred months earlier?

Episode 3

Monster Among Us

A monster hunts the streets of Baton Rouge, leaving three women raped and murdered. One woman survives a vicious attack - can she help police find the killer?

Episode 4

The Eastside Killer

A twisted murderer preys on young women in Bellevue Washington. An unconventional clue leads police to an unlikely killer hiding in plain sight.

Episode 5


A series of murders in California bear eerie similarities, but police can't connect them. Until a bloody mobile phone leads them to three criminals on a revenge spree.

Episode 6

The Eyeball Killer

A series of women are found murdered with their eyeballs surgically removed. When police finally track down the killer they also discover a very bizarre motive.

Episode 7

Clown Mask Murders

A man is murdered by someone wearing a clown mask. When more people are killed by the same deranged clown, police realise that a serial killer is on the loose.

Episode 8

Bound By Blood

The city of Atlanta is shaken by the fear of the Necktie Killer. Detectives piece together correlative clues and distinctive apparel left behind at each crime scene.

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