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About The Show

Host and food enthusiast Adam Richman travels across America looking for the best local food and tackling the nation’s greatest eating challenges.


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Episode 1

Minneapolis, Mn

Casey Webb visits Minnestota's largest city and takes on an iconic four-pound banh mi behemoth as well as a gigantic brunch served with its own food Ferris wheel.

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Episode 2

Saint Paul, Mn

Casey Webb travels to Saint Paul, visiting an indoor food truck and a timeless diner. Plus, he takes on a difficult challenge of crepes and Thai-rolled ice cream.

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Episode 3

Worcester, Ma

Casey Webb is in Worcester, Massachusetts to try a Japanese-American comfort-food mashup, an indulgent stack of French toast and seriously spicy deep-fried ribs.

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Episode 4

Baltimore, Md

Casey Webb is in Baltimore, Maryland where he visits a famous quirky diner, he tries a classic crab feast and takes on a four-pound pho fight challenge.

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Episode 5

Savannah, Ga

Casey Webb travels down south to Savannah to try some of Georgia's best fried-chicken and he takes on the Pigzilla challenge, a four-pound pulled-pork sandwich.

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Episode 6

Atlanta, Ga

Casey Webb's cross-country culinary crusade takes him to Atlanta. He tries a decadent doughnut brunch, a famous barbeque and a five-pound mountain of tater tot nachos.

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Episode 7

Orange County, CA

Casey Webb cruises into Orange County, California, to take down a three-pound burger slathered in a sauce made from three of the spiciest peppers on earth!

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Episode 8

Palm Springs, CA

Casey Webb's culinary quest takes him back in time to Palm Springs, California. He encounters a three-pound skyscraper of a sandwich loaded with deli meat.

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Episode 9

Duluth, Mn

Casey Webb heads to Duluth, Minnesota, where he visits a specialty sandwich shop and attempts to finish a three-pound platter of pie and ice cream in 20 minutes or less.

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Episode 10

Jersey Shore, Nj

Casey Webb returns to his roots on the Jersey Shore. He's here for an explosive sandwich, stuffed lobster and a ghost chili-infused pizza challenge.

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Episode 11

Phoenix, Az

Casey Webb heads to Arizona to unearth the Phoenix's most appetising eats. He takes on eight wings covered in a scorching ghost chili and habanero sauce.

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Episode 12

Maui, Hi

Casey Webb travels to Hawaii, where he embraces the aloha spirit. He takes on a gigantic three-and-a-half-pound burger!

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Episode 13

Cincinnati, Oh

Casey Webb is in Cincinnati to take on a huge eight-pound, double-crusted pizza in just 30 minutes. And, he encounters a stunning cheeseburger at a 200-year-old bar.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Indianapolis, In

Casey is in Indianapolis to battle a beast of a tenderloin sandwich. He also tries prime rib at a historic steakhouse and a farm-fresh twist on macaroni and cheese.