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26th January


About The Show

Chase Morrill alongside his brother, sister and friend is on a mission to save and transform abandoned cabins buried in the remote Maine woods.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

Clearwater Camp

Chase Morrill and his team of builders transform a dated cabin into a family retreat. But, snow delays and a tight budget make it a tough job!

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Bullpen

Chase and his team revive the family's dilapidated army bunkhouse. With a $20,000 budget and reclaimed materials, they race to finish before the reunion.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Veterans' Retreat

Chase Morrill and his team take on a project from a retired US Army veteran, turning a lakeside cabin into a lodge for combat-injured veterans and their families.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Oyster Farm Shack

Builder Chase Morrill and his team rebuild an old oyster shack for a working farm. They have their tightest deadline to date and a budget of only $25,000.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Bunganuc Creek Landmark

Chase Morrill and his crew renovate a historic shack in Bunganuc Creek. They start by opening boarded windows, clearing animal droppings and years of trash.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Kids' Camp

Chase Morrill and his team help a DIY homeowner jump-start his project and complete a renovation near Damariscotta, ME, that will keep the kids happy.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Heirloom Home On The Shore

Chase and his team work on a family camp on the New Meadows River. The owners want to add facilities and better living quarters for family reunions.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Hiltz Camp

Chase Morrill and his team are in New Sharon, ME, to save a rundown camp from falling into Kimball Pond. Can they complete the build in time and under budget?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Desert Pond Hideaway

Builder Chase Morrill and the team transform a secluded one-room shack into a couple's relaxing retreat. This project will stretch their budget and timeline.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

A Family Cabin Fit For A King

A huge storm threatens to derail Chase and the team's progress on one of their biggest projects to date, forcing them to work into the harsh winter.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Family's Empty Nest

Chase Morrill and the crew save a family's lakeside cabin that has been neglected for the past 25 years - and the original build has some big flaws.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Taking It To The Finish Line

Chase Morrill and his team are hired to finish a cabin for a homeowner who has collected materials for years. Can they transform it in eight weeks?

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Pilsbury Family Rafting Cabin

Chase Morrill and his crew renovate a family's cabin near the Appalachian Trail. But, the remote location, timeline and budget create challenges.

Jan 26


Episode 14

Family Fishing Cabin

Chase Morrill and his crew work to save an old cabin in Oakland, ME, that the owner bought from his father, so he could share his own childhood memories.

Jan 30


Episode 15

A Family Gathering Place

Chase and the team head to Oakland, to take on a challenging project the owner promised her father she would complete. Can they finish it before winter?

Feb 6


Episode 16

A Cabin For The YMCA

The team donates a build to the local YMCA, creating a new play structure for the children of Augusta, ME. And, Chase finally gets his workshop.