About The Show

After discovering their husbands are transgender, four wives share their journey as they attempt to navigate life and support their spouse’s true identity as a woman.


Episode 1

Lost In Transition

Les tells his co-worker he wants to be a woman. Cindy, Troy and a friend have a bust-up about breaking up. Jennifer and Larry battle gender dysphoria.

Episode 2

Resistance And Acceptance

A nervous Stacy introduces Leslie to her colleagues and Cindy suggests counselling to Troy. After 22 years of marriage, AJ tells Beverly he's transgender.

Episode 3


Jennifer confides in her friends and admits she's struggling with her partner's transition. Plus, after seeing a therapist, Troy takes the next steps becoming Lucy.

Episode 4

Happy For Him, Sad For Us

Tensions rise when Troy goes to a club as Lucy. Jennifer gets emotional after a shopping trip with Lawren. Plus, a surprise romantic proposal takes place.

Episode 5

Falling Apart Inside

Cindy and Troy fight about the future of their relationship. A very-pregnant Stacy stresses over finances when Leslie loses her job. Beverly welcomes home Cas.

Episode 6

Navigating The Unexpected

Stacy and Leslie each face potential health issues. Emotions run high for Beverly, Karen and Cas at therapy. Cindy and Troy work on their relationship.

Episode 7

I Have To Transition Too

After a stressful labour Stacy delivers baby Artemis, and Leslie heads off to surgery. Meanwhile, Jennifer convinces Lawren to come out to her mother.

Episode 8


Troy is tempted to start hormones but Cindy fears the consequences, and Lawren finally tells her mum she is transgender. Tensions flare with Beverly, Karen and Cas.

Episode 9

Next Chapter?

With their relationship at risk, Cindy nervously prepares herself to meet Lucy. Beverly and Karen go their separate ways, while Leslie comes out to her family.

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