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About The Show

After discovering their husbands are transgender, four wives share their journey as they attempt to navigate life and support their spouse’s true identity as a woman.


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Episode 1

Lost In Transition

Les tells his co-worker he wants to be a woman. Cindy, Troy and a friend have a bust-up about breaking up. Jennifer and Larry battle gender dysphoria.

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Episode 2

Resistance And Acceptance

A nervous Stacy introduces Leslie to her colleagues and Cindy suggests counselling to Troy. After 22 years of marriage, AJ tells Beverly he's transgender.

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Episode 3


Jennifer confides in her friends and admits she's struggling with her partner's transition. Plus, after seeing a therapist, Troy takes the next steps becoming Lucy.

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Episode 4

Happy For Him, Sad For Us

Tensions rise when Troy goes to a club as Lucy. Jennifer gets emotional after a shopping trip with Lawren. Plus, a surprise romantic proposal takes place.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Falling Apart Inside

Cindy and Troy fight about the future of their relationship. A very-pregnant Stacy stresses over finances when Leslie loses her job. Beverly welcomes home Cas.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Navigating The Unexpected

Stacy and Leslie each face potential health issues. Emotions run high for Beverly, Karen and Cas at therapy. Cindy and Troy work on their relationship.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

I Have To Transition Too

After a stressful labour Stacy delivers baby Artemis, and Leslie heads off to surgery. Meanwhile, Jennifer convinces Lawren to come out to her mother.

Coming Soon

Episode 8


Troy is tempted to start hormones but Cindy fears the consequences, and Lawren finally tells her mum she is transgender. Tensions flare with Beverly, Karen and Cas.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Next Chapter?

With their relationship at risk, Cindy nervously prepares herself to meet Lucy. Beverly and Karen go their separate ways, while Leslie comes out to her family.