Episode 1

She Had Everything

When student Amanda Anderson's body is found by her younger brother, detectives turn to her friends and family. Then, a microscopic discovery solves the case.

Episode 2

This One's Yours

In 2002, a bartender is found beaten and stabbed to death near his home. Rookie detective, Pam Dunklin, unravels a morbid conspiracy of love, greed and murder.

Episode 3

Cold As Ice

Detective Joe Rasco reopens the 1982 unsolved murder of Catheryn Powell. During the investigation, he discovers false leads, dead ends and false confessions.

Episode 4

Driven To Murder

When 18-year-old William Young was murdered, the investigation quickly revealed three subjects, a weapon and getaway car. But, nobody was ever brought to justice.

Episode 5

Killing Fields

When a woman calls police to say her husband had taken his own life, it seems like an open and shut case. But, a mortician's discovery suggests foul play.

Episode 6

Long Arm Of The Law

When two unrelated murders are traced to violent siblings, police are led on a wild goose chase across two countries. Will they ever have to face their crimes?

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