Episode 1

Deadly Message

A 23-year-old man goes missing in the small community of Beech Island, South Carolina. As his family desperately search, an ominous text message deepens the mystery.

Episode 2

The Long Way Home

In Ohio, a 20-year-old student goes missing while riding a bicycle home from her boyfriend's house. Detectives begin a frantic search to find her.

Episode 3

Karma Comes Late

The body of a 27-year-old woman is found in a deserted alley. The recently divorced mother was last seen dumping her boyfriend and storming off.

Episode 4

Trouble In Giles County

When a man goes missing in Pulaski, Tennessee, some say he ran off with a mistress. 25 years later, investigators find the truth hiding in plain sight.

Episode 5

The Good Doctor

A wealthy psychiatrist and his son are shot dead. Investigators suspect a robbery until they realise that only a gun and a car are missing.

Episode 6

A Son's Last Kiss

A 28-year-old man breaks up with his lover and disappears soon after. As the police search for him, a paper trail of suspicious text messages come to light.

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