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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Dining Table

Rico Daniels has ambitious plans for a bespoke wooden refectory table. But will tree trunks, roots and some damaged floorboards create the finish he's after?

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Boat and Trailer - Part 1

By cutting off the top, fitting out the interior and adding some fibreglass layers, Rico Daniels gives a transit van a new lease of life as a boat.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Boat and Trailer - Part 2

After finishing his boat, Rico constructs a trailer to tow it, made from an old van axle, steel channel and a sprinkler pipe posing as a tow bar.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Boiler Cover

Rico Daniels uses wood and decorative metal to build a beautiful boiler cover - the ideal solution for covering up something bulky and unattractive.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Kitchen - Part 1

Using a huge French army copper pot as a unique sink feature and flea market finds as features, Rico builds an in-situ fitted kitchen.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Kitchen - Part 2

Expert furniture maker Rico Daniels puts the finishing touches to his in-situ fitted kitchen, including a splash back made from Roman roof tiles.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Green House - Part 1

In his very own well-tended back garden, Rico Daniels begins building a greenhouse using reclaimed timber and doors.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Green House - Part 2

Salvage expert Rico Daniels continues with his greenhouse project, adding a garden path made out of ground roof tiles as a finishing touch.