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About The Show

With the help of renowned forensic experts, Tulsa Sheriff Regalado and Detective Sergeant Mike Huff uncover new leads, bring new life to old and mishandled cases.


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Episode 1

Find The Girl

A special task force cracks open the cold cases of Tulsa County, starting with the 1973 murder of Veda Woodson, and the 1998 murder of 16-year-old Dena Ann Dean.

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Episode 2

Secrets And Lies

An effort to find Dena's friend Brandi may yield results, and discussions tell of a tense relationship right before Dena's murder. Did a secret endanger her life?

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Episode 3

When The Devil Calls

A family recalls the moments leading to Veda Woodson's murder on an empty road. On the Dean case, officers examining Dena's family make a shocking conclusion.

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Episode 4

Closing In

Detective Mike Huff narrows his focus to a young man who was Dena Dean's boyfriend in 1998, and the last people she had contact with the day of her disappearance.

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Episode 5

Chasing Truth

On the Dean case, phones are examined for communications between persons of interest. On the Woodson case, is the suspect's family hiding something?

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Episode 6

To Everything, There Is A Season

Veteran homicide detectives and forensic experts uncover new leads and bring new life to Tulsa County's old and mishandled cases.