About The Show

Kendra Wilkinson must rise above her old party-girl past to prove that she has what it takes to join the world of LA real estate in just eight weeks.


Episode 1

Single Mom Hustle

After discovering a passion for real estate, Kendra Wilkinson sets out to impress her prospective new team at one of Los Angeles' top property firms.

Episode 2

Business or Pleasure

Kendra is offered a trial period with a real estate firm. Plus, she can't tell if one of her leads is strictly professional or has romantic intentions.

Episode 3

Paparazzi Pains

Kendra must learn how to show a house fast. Then, a rival for her rolodex enters the picture and she makes a heart-breaking decision over love and real estate.

Episode 4

Won't You Be My Mentor?

A hungover Kendra must keep it together when she teams up with Spencer for a listing appointment from a fan. Plus, she seeks help from an unlikely ally.

Episode 5

Old Habits Die Hard

After a successful showing, Kendra celebrates too soon with a wild night out. Then her team feels betrayed when she goes to an opposing agent for help.

Episode 6

Split Decisions

Time is running out, and Kendra has yet to meet her qualifications to stay with the company. Given one last chance, she must choose between her kids and her career.

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