Episode 1

Desert Island Luxury

A property tycoon plans to develop six sand islands near Dubai, transforming them into a holiday resort each themed around a different European country.

Episode 2

The Scorpion Tower

In the heart of Miami is one of the most complex skyscrapers ever built. It was one of Dame Zaha Hadid's most ambitious projects - and tragically her last.

Episode 3

Floating House

A team in Dubai attempts to construct a floating house combining the best of land and marine design. The radical build features an 'underwater' bedroom below deck.

Episode 4

The Skinny Skyscraper

In New York an ultra-thin skyscraper is being built. It will be one of the tallest in the city but must fit onto a plot barely bigger than a basketball...

Episode 5

Episode 5

A look at the creation of some of the world's most ambitious and technologically advanced buildings, from sub-aquatic homes to thin skyscrapers.

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