Episode 1

Episode 2

Hearts On Fire

Billy Frietag works on the family fruit and vegetable farm and travels in the winter. Tragically, his openness and generosity lead to events culminating in his death.

Episode 3

This Is Not A Drill

An ordinary day at Chardon High School in Ohio is shattered forever when one young man shows up with horrific violence on his mind.

Episode 4

Any Other Day

When Shirlee Sherman and Thomas Hunter are found stabbed to death in Nebraska it takes years before detectives find the culprit - during which he kills again.

Episode 5

I Speak For Amy

College athlete Kayleigh Ballantyne returns home one night when she is violently attacked. As she fights for her life, a young woman's body is discovered.

Episode 6

Dragged To Hell

Amanda Storms' high school sweetheart turns into an abusive husband. When he moves out, her friend steps into help. But, a dark night of violence changes everything.