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26th September


About The Show

From the beginning of time, the stars, planets and galaxies have been working individually and together to produce all that is and all that we see. How do they work, and how does it impact us?

Combining expert opinion with extraordinary computer-generated imagery, this series uses modern astronomy to reveal the inner workings of outer space and explain how things out there changed things here on earth.

From NASA’s revolutionary Juno probe’s daring mission to unlocking Jupiter’s secrets, to examining the possibility of a manned mission to Mars, it’s time for some of the biggest mysteries of the universe to be explored – and potentially solved.


Sep 26



Episode 6

Secrets Of Time Travel

The time travelling machines of Hollywood movies offer infinite opportunities, but could time travel ever really be more than science fiction?

Episode 1

When NASA Met Jupiter

NASA's Juno probe is unlocking Jupiter's secrets, answering mysteries and gathering data. Scientists and experts explain the importance of this mission.

Episode 2

NASA's Journey To Mars

Manned missions to Mars are the next frontier of human exploration and NASA wants to put boots on the Red Planet by 2035. But, is it mission impossible?

Episode 3

Edge Of The Universe

Some of the brightest minds and theorists on the planet explore the limits of human knowledge and explain the science behind the rules of the universe.

Episode 4

Death Of The Last Stars

The universe's stars are dying faster than new ones are born. Experts investigate the last stars of the cosmos and what a stellar apocalypse means for Earth.

Episode 5

Monsters Of The Milky Way

26,000 lightyears away at the heart of the galaxy lies a massive black hole. How can something so far away be studied, and what could it teach scientists?