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4th October


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Astronomers have discovered bizarre planets very different to Earth out in the galaxy, but will we ever locate a planet similar to our own?


Episode 1

Secrets Of The Cosmic Web

New research is beginning to reveal an invisible scaffold of dark matter known as the Cosmic Web, an intergalactic network that transformed the universe.

Episode 2

Curse Of The Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays that damage human DNA are a serious risk in manned space exploration. Can physicists find the source of the rays and help reduce the danger?

Episode 3

Dark History Of Earth

Earth's past is marked by one cosmic disaster after another, forging the path of human evolution. Experts explore how close the Earth has come to destruction.

Episode 4

Voyager's Ultimate Mission

Experts explore the most astonishing discoveries of the Voyager spacecraft. They examine how the operation has transformed into the ultimate mission.

Episode 6

Hunt For Dark Matter

The mysterious dark matter is thought to be the cosmic glue that holds the universe together, yet the search for it continues to puzzle scientists.

Episode 7

Hunt For The Universe's Origin

Conflicting results make determining the age of the universe difficult. Finding the answer could be the key to many mysteries of the cosmos.

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