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25th October


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Skilled craftsmen use original techniques and ancient methods to recreate three items of historical importance, and show the processes involved in making them.


Oct 25



Episode 9


Traditional crafts people use traditional methods to create legendary objects. They include the English Longbow, horseshoes and old-style corsets.

Oct 25



Episode 10

Rondel Dagger/Clay Potter/Jeans

Artisans use traditional methods to create iconic historical artefacts. They include the Rondel Dagger, ceramic pottery and old-style jeans.

Nov 1



Episode 11

Wildcat/Wheel/Diddley Bow

World War II fanatics restore a Wildcat fighter plane, a craftsman uses century old methods to build a spoked wheel and a music lover makes a Diddley Bow.

Nov 1



Episode 12

Jeep/Carillon Bell/Hudson Bay Axe

Traditional craftspeople restore and create historical artefacts. They include a World War II Jeep, a Carillon Bell and the Hudson Bay Axe.

Episode 1

Garand/Barrel/Sports Balls

Artisans restore World War II rifle, the M1 Garand. Plus, they create barrels using traditional methods and American sports balls from the 19th century.

Episode 2

Armour/Engraving and Printing

Artisans forge the Greek hoplite soldier's breastplate. And, they make a print using early industrial wood engraving and create a beaver fur top hat.

Episode 3

Viking Shield/Illuminated Manuscript/Cheese

Artisans recreate a Viking shield. Plus, they hand-craft an illuminated manuscript and make delicious traditional cheese.

Episode 4

Katana/Daguerreotype/Electric Guitar

Craftspeople make the katana, the samurai's weapon of choice. They take a delicate daguerreotype photograph, and hand-make an electric guitar.

Episode 5

Bowie Knife/Windsor Chair/Chocolate

Using traditional methods, craftspeople recreate historic items. They make a huge Bowie knife and early industrial-style small batch chocolate.

Episode 6

Viking Spear/Blown Glass/Beer

Artisans create an intimidating Viking spear, a gorgeous blown glass dragon goblet and small batch Indian Pale Ale, all using traditional methods.

Episode 7

Claymore Sword/Wool/Boomerang

Traditional crafts people use traditional methods to create legendary objects. They include the Claymore Sword, old-style wool and the throwing stick.

Episode 8

Kukri Knife/Paper/Brooms

Artisans use time-honoured methods to create classic items. They include Gurkha warriors Kukri Knife, paper from bamboo, and shaker-style brooms.