Episode 1

First Blood

Once the fastest-growing motorcycle club in San Diego, the Laffing Devils now must fight for survival. After Billy the Kid goes AWOL, a battle for leadership emerges.

Episode 1

Thy Brother's Keeper

A rivalry between Sin Mob and the Laffing Devils leads to chaos on the streets and attracts the attention of dangerous players in the motorcycle world.

Episode 2

Bad Out

The Laffing Devils and Sinister Mob continue their war, but before Sin Mob's President can plan their next attack, he must gain approval from more powerful clubs.

Episode 2

Brothers In Arms

Reacting to an ultimatum from one of the most legendary motorcycle clubs, the Laffing Devils and Sin Mob battle to restore their reputations in the MC world.

Episode 3

Dangerous Tactics

Danny Boy resolves to get his Laffing Boys in order when their feud brings heat from the cops onto all the gangs. But will he agree to meet the One%...

Episode 3

New Blood

With Danny Boy ignoring his calls, Sin Mob prez Rockem resorts to extreme measures. When they finally meet, Rockem demands that the Devils hand in their cuts.

Episode 4

Fight Club

Facing defeat in the war against Sin Mob, Laffing Boys leader Danny asks Billy the Kid to return to the gang. But will it be enough to win a violent...

Episode 4

Broken Brotherhood

Frustrated with club prez Danny Boy's inaction in the face of Sin Mob's insult, Laffing Devil Tank boils over, leading to an altercation and shocking club vote.

Episode 5

Blood In & Out

Danny Boy takes on Sandman for the leadership of the gang; will this end the in-group rivalry or split the brotherhood forever? Plus, the Sin Mob prep for war.

Episode 5

Down and Dirty

After a series of brutal beatings, along with having a possible rat within their ranks, new Laffing Devils President Mad Max looks to the 1% club for advice.

Episode 6

War Crimes

As the blood feud in San Diego accelerates both gangs prepare for war. Plus, will Snubz risks trial by fire and infiltrate Sin Mob to win back his Laffing Devils...

Episode 6

Collision Course

Despite both the Sin Mob and Laffing Devils having numerous members with serious injuries, they prepare for a battle and bid farewell to their families.

Episode 7

Enemy Within

Snubz buys Sin Mob's trust with keys to the Laffing Devils clubhouse but he knows he is living on borrowed time. Plus, is White Boi recruiting an army?

Episode 8

War is Now

As the motorcycle gangs prepare for all-out war, infiltrator Snubz knows that Sin Mob is divided - is this the right moment for the Laffing Boyz to strike?

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