Episode 1

Li'l Red Distress

A twist of fate reunites a man with a truck he once bought from a former boss. It's in poor shape and it will take a lot of work to...

Episode 2

A C10 For Jake

A 1965 Chevy C10 was a father-son project until the father tragically lost his son. The truck has sat in the garage ever since, and now the Squad steps in...

Episode 3

Blazing New Trails

A man neglected his car while supporting his family in the wake of a tragic loss. Now they're back on their feet, the family want to show their appreciation.

Episode 4

King Cobra

After two decades of birthdays, graduations and college, the owner of a '65 AC Cobra replica shifts his attention from the kids and grandkids to his other baby.

Episode 5

Rising To The Challenge

A disabled Vietnam veteran has always put country and family first, and his Dodge Challenger has long been neglected. Now the Squad is here to pay him back.

Episode 6

The Mercury Is Falling!

A 1949 Mercury has been rusting in the garage for years due to its owner's personal and family health problems. The Squad steps in to rescue this blue demon.

Episode 7

Hell Of A Chevelle

A five-year-old girl asks the Squad to help get her dad's 1968 Chevelle finished. The team want to help but this car needs a lot of work to get back...

Episode 8

License To Cruise

Fighting through his autism, a 16-year-old gearhead has big plans for his 1987 Land Cruiser. He asks the Squad's help to get his truck in shape for a race.

Episode 9

Cutlass Comeback

When tragedy hit a family, their 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass was left to fade away. The Squad help a father and son move forward with their lives and their project.

Episode 10

Santa's New Sleigh

For 30 years, Calumet City police used an old camper to deliver food and toys to needy families during the holidays. Now they want a little more horsepower.