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31st July


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When winter claims its first casualty, Jim transports the casket. Plus, Luke feels the pressure when he has to fly dangerous chemicals to an isolated village.


Episode 1

Running Out of Time

As Alaska endures a brutal winter, Ariel joins in on a search for her missing friend and Sarah attempts a difficult landing to aid a stranded pilot stranded.

Episode 2

Zero Cabin Pressure

Alaska's harshest winter in years wreaks havoc on Era's fleet, causing Doug's brakes to freeze on an icy runway and Sarah's aircraft door to malfunction mid-flight.

Episode 3

Solar Flare Danger

Villagers in Wainwright lose their water supply due to the Arctic cold. Solar flares leave Ponts and Ben in harm's way. In Unalakleet, a criminal is on the loose.

Episode 4

Return to Diomede

Doug tests his limits while landing on a melting runway, and John Kapsner tries to locate two missing snow-machiners. Meanwhile the Iditarod dog sled race starts.

Episode 5

Money Pit

On Alaska's North Slope, pilots Doug and John battle to keep their plane from careening off an icy runway. Meanwhile, in Unalakleet, Ariel receives a surprise visitor.

Episode 6

Radio Silence

Ariel disappears from radio contact, putting emergency services on red alert. Over the village of Hopper Bay, pilot Erik Snuggerud battles to touch down.

Episode 7

Into The Wind

Pilot Sarah battles strong headwinds while attempting to deliver fuel to the research station and Ben braves 50mph winds to retrieve a priest for Easter Service.

Episode 8

End of an Era

After 30 years of running Era Alaska, Jim sets his eyes on a new path. Doug loses all avionics while flying. Ariel takes the final steps towards getting her pilots...

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