About The Show

Real estate expert Tarek El Moussa lends his knowledge to novice flippers. Whether it’s budget issues or permitting problems, Tarek has the answers.


Episode 1

The Never-Ending Flip

Two friends have completed a few of flips together, but their latest project keeps getting hit with delay after delay. Tarek helps them get to the finish line.

Episode 3

Piecemealing A Budget

A couple have purchased a mid-century ranch house to flip. As expensive mistakes pile up, Tarek helps get this flip across the finish line with a profit.

Episode 5

The Addition Decision

After overpaying for their latest property, a flipping couple are unsure whether an addition is worth the extra expense. Tarek helps keep them on track.

Episode 7

Three Buds And A Baby

Tarek steps in to help a flipping trio get better results with their latest house. But he discovers constant arguing and miscommunication.

Episode 12

Small Budget, Big Lessons

Two friends buy a house together and discover major foundation issues. Tarek steps in to make sure their friendship survives this tricky first flip.

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