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Sunday 20th October at 2:00 am

Discovery Channel

About The Show

Hot Rod hunter Richard Rawlings and his team at the Gas Monkey Garage are breaking all the rules this season!

In one of their biggest challenges yet, they take on a mind-blowing super-build to debut at the biggest automative trade show in the world, SEMA; they have five months and a $300,000 budget to transform a ’72 Buick Riviera into a motoring beast! But, the project’s massive scope and tight deadline along with other builds that still need to be completed, means the Monkeys are pushing their limits like never before.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

SEMA Dreamin'

The Monkeys have one of their biggest challenges yet. They want to convert a '72 Buick Riviera into a SEMA super-build and the team meets Richard's stepson.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Keeping It Shelby

Richard's beloved Mustang breaks down weeks before he is supposed to show it at the Shelby Car Show in Tulsa. They fix up the car making it the star of...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Scout's Honor

The Gas Monkey crew are trying to make history with a record-breaking profit. Plus, will Richard claim back his old Ferrari Dark Horse?

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Episode 4

Beyond Reasonable Scout

The Monkeys race to be the first to drop a Hellcat motor in their '79 International Scout and fetch the world record for the most expensive ever sold.

1:00 am

27 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 6

No Second Chances

The Monkeys rev up for their last attempt to finish the '72 Buick Riviera super-build in time for SEMA. $300,000 has been invested so failure is not an option.

2:00 am

20 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 11

Building Brady

Actor Barry Williams hires Richard and the Gas Monkeys to build a specially-themed station wagon. But, a series of mysterious mishaps delay the project.

2:00 am

21 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 12

A Far-Out Brady Bunch Build

The team continue to work on the 'Brady Bunch' station wagon - a '69 Plymouth Satellite commissioned by Barry Williams. Will they complete it in time?

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Bullitt In The Chamber

Chad McQueen asks Richard and the Monkeys to turn a 1968 Ford Mustang into an iconic muscle car and recreate one of Hollywood's most famous car chases.