About The Show

Dan Short and the team at FantomWorks have a unique passion few people possess for getting neglected cars out of the garage and back onto the roads.


Episode 1

Easier Said

Larry wants to drive his uncle's '59 Cadillac DeVille, but the car has spent decades baking in the sun. Plus, a 1960 Bel Air is still missing critical components.

Episode 2

Decades to Drive

Dave finally got his dream '57 Corvette, but his plans to build it have come to nothing. Plus, Ken picked a1954 Kaiser Darrin from his father's collection.

Episode 3

One for Ole Miss

Sean asks Dan to find a 1969 Camaro that can be built into the custom resto-mod of his dreams. Plus, Jeff wants to give his 1969 Cutlass a rare Hurst...

Episode 4


Tom asks Dan to find him a rare 1967 Camaro Convertible with factory AC. But, when Dan finds the Unicorn, the car is too good to cut up.

Episode 5

Beetle Juiced

David is a Volkswagen fanatic who wants a 1967 Beetle that can outmatch muscle cars. Plus, Robert wants a widened 1967 Corvette supercar.

Episode 6

One Mad Mustang Part 1

Arthur brings in his 1967 Cyclone. Can the team make it better than new? Plus, Antonio and Andres challenge Dan to build the fastest Mustang CS in Mexico.

Episode 7

One Mad Mustang Part 2

The team finishes the build of the ultimate Mustang Sleeper. Plus, Phil wants a 1949 Chevy Pick-up but the truck is a disassembled jigsaw puzzle.

Episode 8

Against The Grain

Chris asks the team to breathe new life into a 1951 Mercury Woody. Plus, Dan's 1970 Mustang Boss arrives with a long list of problems.

Episode 9

Elephant In The Room

Kolin asks the team to repair his smashed up 1973 Corvette, but Dan finds major problems. Plus, Jim wants Dan to fix up a 1970 Challenger convertible.

Episode 10

Bow Tie 'Til I Die

Jay brings Dan a 2012 Camaro ZL1 with poor performance and a blown supercharger. Plus, Terry brings in a high-powered restomod of a 1931 Landau Phaeton.

Episode 11

Flatheads Forever

Arnold brings Dan two projects. He wants the team to transform his 1946 Ford Wagon into a classic tour-mobile, and fix the motorcycle that will ride in the back.

Episode 12

Brick By Bricklin

Walter brings his 1975 Bricklin back to the garage, with the hope that Dan can fix problems that were created when it was built. And then add missiles.

Episode 13

Metro Mayhem Part 1

David and Chuck want their enormous heirloom 1961 International Harvester Metro Van converted into a state-of-the-art restomod, with all the trimmings.

Episode 14

Metro Mayhem Part 2

The team's epic four-year-long wrestling match with the 1961 International Harvester Metro concludes with an incredible, one-of-a-kind van.

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