Episode 1

So Happy Together

Anna and Lucy double down on their identical lifestyle. Stepsisters Ashley and Vee prove extreme sisterhood isn't always about being related.

Episode 2


Ashley and Vee risk losing their family, while Anna and Lucy experiment with motherhood. Plus, Jordan and Randi's scheme takes Derek to his limit.

Episode 3

Triple Trouble

Triplets Hannah, Katherine and Nadia live by their own rules. Anna and Lucy take doll parenting to the next level and Jessica has an idea to get closer to Christina.

Episode 4

There's Always A Number One

Anna and Lucy find a risky loophole to their dental problem. The triplets face a crisis right before a business meeting and Mike interrogates Jessica.

Episode 5

Four's A Crowd

Whilst sparks fly between Ashley's mum and Vee, tensions rise between John and Christina. Anna and Lucy try to sell potential employers on their two-for-one deal.

Episode 6

You're Not The Boss Of Me

The triplets' mum considers giving them a second chance whilst Jessica and John attempt to make peace. Plus, Ashley and Vee receive unexpected news.

Episode 7

A Tooth For A Tooth

Anna and Lucy finally get surgery but with unexpected results. Meanwhile, Ashley and Vee face the biggest obstacle in their surrogacy journey.

Episode 8

Are You Positive

Anna and Lucy make a big career decision. Jordan proposes a radical idea for Randi's honeymoon, and Jessica and Christina find out life-changing news.

Episode 9

What Comes Between Us

As Christina prepares for labour, tensions simmer between Jessica and John. Plus, Derek tells Randi he wants to look for a house after the wedding.

Episode 10

It's Not Over

Anna and Lucy seek guidance from their father's spirit. Randi makes her decision about where to live. Vee and Ashley confront each other about their hurt feelings.

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