About The Show

A look into million-dollar motor homes with incredibly themed designs and luxurious interiors that would put most real homes to shame.


Episode 1

Fit For A King

RV builders create a mobile palace with heated floors and a cathedral ceiling. Plus, there's an off-road expedition vehicle and a hot rod-inspired masterpiece.

Episode 2

Keep On Truckin'

RV builders create a trucker-inspired mobile estate with an outdoor chef's kitchen and opulent styling. Later, there's an eclectic gypsy paradise.

Episode 3

5th Wheel Mansion

RV builders create a home on a 48-foot chassis with a residential kitchen, custom office, and fireplace. Plus, there's a converted school bus.

Episode 4

Off-Road Mansion

RV builders create an off-road marvel with hidden appliances and go-anywhere capabilities. Then it's an inflatable pop-up camper and a converted vintage bus.

Episode 5

Stable Ride

RV builders create an equestrian-themed estate-on-wheels with a custom-painted mural and a "super bedroom." Plus, there's a circus-inspired head-turner.

Episode 6

Little Big Coach

RV experts create a country haven on wheels for Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman. It blends rustic and modern elements with practical space for her daughters.

Episode 7

Racer's Paradise

RV builders create a track-side mobile mansion for auto racing driver Helio Castroneves. Plus, a surfing enthusiast transforms a retired double-decker school bus.

Episode 8

Elegant Bling

RV builders create a high-tech, opulent masterpiece for a couple with a passion for flash. Next, they work on an expandable trailer with panoramic views.

Episode 9

Ultra-Cush Commute

RV builders create a spacious and exquisite residential home on wheels. Plus, there's a hand-built party trailer and a converted vintage bus.

Episode 10

Smooth Ride

RV builders create a mobile living space that rides like a luxury sedan. Plus, a pro snowboarder shows off a rolling ski lodge with an infinity bathtub.

Episode 11

Livin' Luxe

RV builders create a five-star experience for a couple looking for the perfect vacation getaway. Plus, two outdoor enthusiasts show off a clam-shell trailer.

Episode 12

On The Road Again

RV builders create a rolling sanctuary for Willie Nelson's band. Plus, an off-road Sprinter with some serious modifications and the ultimate garage on wheels.

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