Episode 1

Swamp Logging

Veteran logger Bobby Goodson takes on the challenge of a lifetime when he attempts to fell timber in a cursed forest swamp. Can Bobby succeed where others failed?

Episode 2

Mule Logging

The pressure is on when mule logger Joey lands a big money contract to cut exclusive hardwood. But is a greenhorn about to make the whole job a little more...

Episode 3

Helicopter Logging

In the Pacific Northwest young buck loggers and hotshot pilots work together to cut and carry high value wood. What makes this the deadliest job in the forest?

Episode 4

Below Zero

It's minus 30 in Alberta where the crew is racing to haul valuable timber across an ice bridge. But will equipment breakdowns bring the season to an early close?

Episode 5

Night Shift

The Garden River team is having a great season but the Reno site is plagued with problems - when one of the dumpers breaks down will the crew fall further...

Episode 6

The Final Push

The crew is under pressure to harvest as much timber as possible before the thaw hits. But will one driver's decision to take a dangerous shortcut backfire?

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