Episode 1

The Vanishing Women Of San Luis Obispo

Two young women vanish in California. With little evidence, detectives' only hope of finding them is to convince a potential killer to talk.

Episode 2

The Killer Collective

After a violent home invasion and murder caught on camera in Michigan, detectives interrogate six suspects. Who is the mastermind and who is the killer?

Episode 3

Suicide Or Murder?

Police in Houston, Texas must separate truth from lies when a man claims a young woman's suicide was a murder. It's their most chilling interrogation ever.

Episode 4

The Bodies In The Ashes

Two bodies are found in the ashes of a burned farmhouse in Oregon. Tempers flare when detectives find a suspect hiding behind a web of lies.

Episode 5

The Second Gun Theory

A domestic dispute near Nashville, Tennessee turns deadly. But a detective rejects his partner's advice to prove a woman's self-defence killing is a ruse.

Episode 6

Rival Affections

Detectives from two states team up to prove how two men linked by one woman both end up dead. Can one of them break their only suspect before she walks...

Episode 7

The Torture Trap

Two college football players go missing in New York. Detectives chase down leads to find a case of mistaken identity leading to a terrifying hostage crisis.

Episode 8

Dead By Dawn

The unsolved murder of a teenage girl haunts detectives until a DNA test reopens the case decades later. The suspect is so shocking, they consult the FBI for help.

Episode 9

The Killer Next Door

When two women are murdered, police go public with evidence that points to a possible serial killer. An anonymous tip leads them to an unlikely suspect.

Episode 10

Biting The Hand That Feeds

A woman goes missing while her trucker husband is away for work. Police check on her but find a young man in their home and make a gruesome discovery.

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