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Coming Soon

Episode 1


Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury are on a deserted island off the coast of Nova Scotia in the dead of winter. They use items from their life raft to show...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Panic In The Jungle

Dave and Cody take on a lost hiker scenario in the jungles of Laos. They must use typical backpacker items such as a camera, condoms and cigarettes.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Failed Ascent

Dave and Cody take on a mountaineer's worst nightmare in New Zealand, with limited supplies. They battle glacial peaks and deep rocky canyons.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Out Of Air

Survival experts Dave and Cody head to Belize to take on the scenario of being lost divers inside a maze of caves. Equipped with only dive gear, they must find...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Desert Breakdown

Dave and Cody head to Peru's desolate Valley of the Volcanoes to take on the ultimate lost-in-the-desert survival scenario.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Split Up

When Dave and Cody find themselves stranded, miles apart, in Arizona, their mission is to trek through tough terrain to find each other and civilization.

Coming Soon

Episode 7


Cody and Dave face a perilous scenario in the heart of the Louisiana bayou; lost in a labyrinth of water channels and bogs amongst alligators and deadly snakes.

Coming Soon

Episode 8


Dave and Cody find themselves boat-wrecked in the Pacific Northwest rainforest. Do they have the navigation skills and know-how to avoid hypothermia and signal for rescue?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

After The Storm

In a hurricane's aftermath, Cody and Dave find survival resources in an unlikely place. Plus Dave ignores Cody's advice about hunting a deadly creature that stings!

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Bogged Down

Cody and Dave abandon their vehicle in Brazil's Pantanal wetland and wade through the alligator and piranha-infested swamps. Will Cody's bare feet tempt the predators?