Episode 1

Dinosaur Cowboys

Montana rancher Clayton finds what might be a rare and valuable fossil on his family's property. In Wyoming, Mike and his son uncover a triceratops horn.

Episode 2

Million-Dollar Dino

Clayton continues his excavation of a rare, carnivorous dinosaur on his Montana ranch. In Wyoming, Mike and Jake prepare to sell their prized T-Rex fossil.

Episode 3

Curse Of The Carnivore

Clayton and his team prepare to flip a 20,000-lb carnivore fossil from the earth. Mike hunts for a duckbill skull and Jared uncovers an ancient reptile.

Episode 4

Shots Fired

Clayton must haul his 20,000-lb dinosaur fossil to a lab for analysis. The Harris-Bolan clan chases poachers off their land and Jared makes a final bid to make money.

Episode 5

We Got Skull

Clay returns to his ranch in Montana to hunt for quick finds at Old Faithful. In Wyoming, Mike and his team continue excavating their triceratops site.

Episode 6

Nano Or T-Rex

In Montana, Clayton prepares to learn if his carnivore skeleton belongs to a T-Rex or Nanotyrannus. In Wyoming, Mike and Aaron dig at a promising new site.

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