Episode 1

Doubling Down On Dinos

It's a tense wait for Clayton Phipps as he calls in a surveyor to check his promising T-Rex dig site. Mike takes a risk to prep his valuable T-Rex skull.

Episode 2

Duckbill Buffet

Aaron, Jake and Tori hope to find a skull at the Duckbill site. Clayton begins to excavate the T-Rex site, and Mike travels to Utah to prep the T-Rex skull.

Episode 3

Mammoth Mass Mortality

When a wildfire surrounds his hometown, Clayton Phipps helps fight the flames. Plus, the Abercrombie family discovers a Mammoth fossil map on their ranch.

Episode 4

This Thing Is A Monster

In Wyoming, Mike Harris and his team uncover a huge Triceratops. Plus, fossil hunter Andre Lujan follows a 90-year-old map to a massive mammoth site.

Episode 5

Monster Ceratopsian

The Harris-Bolan crew unearths an extremely rare Ceratopsian. Clayton Phipps makes a shocking discovery, and Andre Lujan digs up an enormous mammoth tusk.

Episode 6

Skull Shock

With winter approaching, Clayton and Luke race to excavate two big Triceratops skulls. The Harris-Bolan crew search for a crucial missing femur for their Ceratopsian.

Episode 7

The Race Is On

Clayton gets news about the Nano sale races to extract a rare trike tail before a storm hits. The Harris-Bolans have finally found evidence of a Ceratopsian skull.

Episode 8

Rex Revealed

Clayton brings in a team of horses and a helicopter to help extract a valuable fossil that's trapped in a precarious location. Mike comes face-to-face with Cowboy Rex.

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