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17th May


About The Show

Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and the Dieselsellerz crew are known worldwide for their crazy online videos and their incredible, extravagant truck builds. Their mega builds and awesome truck giveaways are the stuff of diesel legend. Each episode follows the team as they sell, build and destroy all things diesel – but their exploits don’t end there. Starting out the business by buying used or broken-down trucks and tricking them out for sales, the team grossed over $200k in sales in one day after opening up shop. This season, it looks like business is bigger than ever for the Dieselsellerz gang – and they’re ready to take their builds to the max.


May 17



Episode 3

Release The Kraken

Sam's wild creation, The Kraken, comes to life but Heavy D is sceptical of the build's potential success. A high-profile client wants to customise a Ram 3500.

May 18



Episode 4

Tanks A Lot

Heavy D surprises the crew with his latest build: a tank. Meanwhile, Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the Muscle personally trick out their latest giveaway truck.

May 19



Episode 5

A Tank, An Eagle And A Brat

Dave and Heavy D work on their tank build, but engine troubles put the project in jeopardy. Plus, the shop splits into teams for an epic build-off.

May 20



Episode 6

Brat Vs. Eagle

Diesel Dave and Heavy D continue to work on builds for their off-road race. Heavy D pulls out all the stops for his impressive AMC Eagle conversion.

Episode 1

Back With A Kodiak

Diesel Dave picks his first giveaway truck and dreams big, attempting to build the 2020 version of the Kodiak. Todd LeDuc challenges the guys to a desert race.

Episode 2

A Kraken Kodiak

Diesel Dave continues work on his first giveaway truck - the epic modern day Kodiak. Sam the Mad Scientist unveils "The Kraken:" a diesel powered monowheel vehicle.

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