About The Show

Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and the Dieselsellerz crew are known worldwide for their crazy online videos and their incredible, extravagant truck builds. Their mega builds and awesome truck giveaways are the stuff of diesel legend.

Each episode follows the team as they sell, build and destroy all things diesel – but their exploits don’t end there. Starting out the business by buying used or broken-down trucks and tricking them out for sales, the team grossed over $200k in sales in one day after opening up shop. Coming up, they are tasked with their biggest build yet with a monster school bus that can drive over sand and water! And, The Muscle brings in his own client build for a gym buddy: a Raptor-style F250. It looks like business is bigger than ever for the Dieselsellerz gang – and they’re ready take their builds to the max.


Episode 1

Big Bro Bus

A client asks for the biggest build yet: a monster school bus capable of driving over sand and water. The Muscle brings in a build for a gym buddy- a...

Episode 2

School Is In Session

The crew race to finish the monster school bus with a 40-foot drive train and 66-inch tyres. Redbeard discovers the Mello Yello race car from Days of Thunder.

Episode 3

Diesel Defender

Major league pitcher Jacob deGrom asks the crew to revamp his OBS Ford. And, they convert a rare British Land Rover Defender from right-hand to left-hand drive.

Episode 4

De-Ice Ice Baby

The guys convert a rare Land Rover Defender from right hand drive to left. Plus, Heavy D tries to get money for the shop by parting out a military plane...

Episode 5

Yes Way, Jose

The crew overhaul a truck for a local dad whose F350 broke down. And, they assemble the shop's first-ever diesel motorcycle, with a Magneto!

Episode 6

Tuff Truck Takedown

When the guys are challenged to a Tuff Truck, Sparks Motors rebuilds a wasp-infested old Jeep and the Goons rebuild a water-logged Blazer.

Episode 7

Soar Like A Diesel

Heavy D and the crew transform a rundown Canadian logging truck into a maxed out, custom semi to transport their builds cross-country.

Episode 8

Diesel Dave Is My Co-Pilot

While the shop finishes the semi build, Heavy D moves ahead with his plan to attempt a death-defying stunt in the Brodozer.

Episode 9

Now Departing: Diesel Air

Heavy D is commissioned to design and build a 1,000-gallon fuel truck and a diesel-powered helicopter bucket to spread fertiliser for a timber business in Oregon.

Episode 10

Raising Heli

Heavy D builds two custom fertiliser spreaders and a custom fuel truck for a friend's helicopter business in Oregon. Plus, he picks up a unique Swiss overland camper.

Episode 11

Failure To Launch

Heavy D continues trying to salvage a wrecked overland camper from Europe, hoping for a big payday. Meanwhile, Sam designs a hub-centric, diesel-powered bicycle.

Episode 12

When Trucks Fly

Off-road racer RJ Anderson enlists Heavy D to trick out his Ford Raptor. Meanwhile, the guys challenge the Goons Garage and Welder Up to a Tuff Truck rematch.

Episode 13

Prepare For Liftoff

The team continue converting their junkyard Bronco for the Tuff Truck rematch. Meanwhile, Heavy D customizes a brand new UTV for a world record attempt.

Episode 14

Episode 14

In the world of diesel vehicles, Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at DieselSellerz builds the biggest, baddest trucks around. They work hard - and play harder in the...