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Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Piano

Junk expert Lawrie Voutier struggles to move a heavy piano from the second storey of his mate's house. Benny unearths rare red stained glass in an old Victorian cottage.

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Episode 2

House Of Horrors

Demolition man Lawrie helps clear out his mate Johnny's property. Is there treasure amidst the junk? And, teammate Jabba starts a big job demolishing a restaurant.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The Staircase

Lawrie has his sights set on a 90-year-old hardwood staircase in a Brighton mansion. Can his 12-year-old son Charlie prove that he is well and truly a demo man?

Coming Soon

Episode 4


Lawrie heads to a well-known antique auction house to collect a copper statue. But he can't help finding a few other items he would like to add to his collections.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Holy Grail

Jabba has been given the task of a full demolition. To get the house down in a day will be a stretch, so he's asked Mikaley and Jimmy to lend...

Coming Soon

Episode 6


The Demo Man's son Charlie loves hanging out with the big boys and toys so Lawrie drops him off at a job to help demolish on old farmhouse.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Demo Death Trap

When his former junkyard mate decides to end their twenty-year feud, Lawrie seizes the opportunity to buy some stuff from him. Plus, there is a demo job in Torquay.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Short Cut

Lawrie heads off to transport one of his ancient steam traction engines to an interstate collector. Plus, Benny is task to deliver a window to a customer.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Coming Soon

Episode 10