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Coming Soon

Episode 1

How Did I Get Here?

When the remains of a young mother are found in a remote area by Nashville, Detective Postiglione solves the crime by recalling a detail from the wooded scene.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Side Business

When the body of a professor and family man is found in the office of a used car dealership, Det. Postiglione remembers the tell-all clue that pinpoints the killer.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

An Obsession

The crime scene of a double murder shows signs of conflicting motives. An unlikely clue on the living room floor helps Det. Postiglione decipher what really happened.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Closing Time

While leading the investigation of two separate homicide cases, Det. Postiglione makes a surprising discovery: the same psychotic killer is behind all the murders.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

No Body No Crime

Detective Postiglione examines an especially perplexing crime scene: there is no victim, but pools of blood suggest something awful happened.

Coming Soon

Episode 6


A woman is found dead in her apartment in an unusual condition. Her attacker left clues to confuse investigators - but Det. Postiglione finds one pointing to the killer.