Episode 1

Lindbergh: American Nazi?

John Noble explores why scientists wanted the dead body of Alexis St Martin whilst he was still alive. Plus, he looks at a song linked to suicide.

Episode 2

Dr. Lobotomy

John Noble investigates the scientist, Egas Moniz, who invented the highly controversial lobotomy procedure and was then shot six times by a patient.

Episode 3

Resurrection Row

Louis Pasteur believed he found a rabies vaccine, but to prove it he had to lie and risk the life of a child - John Noble recounts this moment in...

Episode 4

Amnesiac, Party Poopers

When surgeon William Scoville attempted a radical new procedure to cure Henry Molaison of his epilepsy, it worked. But it came with a terrible price.

Episode 5

Positively Poisonous

Host John Noble looks at the story of an actress, Hedy Lamarr, who invented a secure way to radio-control torpedoes in WWII. This led to Wi-Fi technology.

Episode 6

Creative Evil

John Noble looks at Phillip Zimbardo's notorious 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. Plus, why did a doctor inject himself with a lethal dose of cocaine?

Episode 7

Tuskegee STD

Why did a US government study of syphilis deliberately keep a group of poor, black men infected with the disease? Plus, why were a group of skiers slaughtered?

Episode 8

Remote Control Man

John Noble looks at Dr Jose Delgado's discovery of controlling the human mind. Also, why does a lecturer ask no questions when he is sold fresh cadavers?

Episode 9

Theremin, The Monster Study

How did a Russian inventor and spy create unique covert listening devices; and why did a stuttering speech pathologist conduct cruel studies on orphans?

Episode 10

Agent Orange

In 1943 botanist Arthur Galston discovers a chemical that speeds up the flowering process in soybeans, but by the 1960s it is used as a weapon in the Vietnam war.

Episode 11

Unabomber, Get The Lead Out

In an experiment, students are mocked for their beliefs as researchers profile their personalities. One of them, Ted Kaczynski, becomes the unabomber.

Episode 12

Pavlov's Children

Ivan Pavlov is best known for his work on conditioning the behaviour in dogs, then one of his students repeated the experiment on orphans with huge implications.

Episode 13

Magical Jet Propulsion

How did Typhoid Mary reveal that asymptomatic carriers can spread disease, and is it fair that a healthy person has to be locked away from the public?

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