About The Show

Steve Galster is in California at a poaching hotspot, as he and armed game wardens are on the trail of hunters killing bears for their bile.


Episode 1

Elephant Ivory

Travelling to London, China and Africa Steve helps out on an investigation which uncovers one of the world's biggest ivory smuggling rings on record.

Episode 2

Big Cats

Steve Galster is about to uncover new, chilling aspects about a trade in some of the best loved and most endangered animals on the planet, the big cat.

Episode 3


The Tibetan antelope is endangered, due to high demand for its wool. Steve knows the only way to save these animals is to take on the big dealers.

Episode 4

Shark Killers

Fuelled by an ever increasing demand for Shark Fin soup the shark trade is booming. In a dangerous mission Steve attempts to uncover those involved.

Episode 5


Shocked by the news that bushmeat has become as dangerous, and as lucrative as the drugs trade, Steve follows the trail from London back to Africa.

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