Episode 1

Alien Evidence

Six experts deploy CIA-developed link analysis software, special ops intelligence training and extensive research to find out if aliens have made contact with Earth.

Episode 2

Declassified Breakthrough

The team identifies a pattern of non-terrestrial sounds and odd sightings centred around an earthquake. Could some earthquakes be related to UFO activity?

Episode 3

Deep State

Investigating Argentina's most credible military encounter, Paul and Kawa track down an eyewitness and the unexpected presence of NASA. What will they uncover?

Episode 4

The Real Men In Black

Doubting official reports, Paul and Kawa investigate a UFO crash site in Argentina. Plus, Sarah and Nick track a pattern of low altitude UFOs in Phoenix.

Episode 5

Crash Landing

An eyewitness in Kansas reveals photographic evidence of a UFO landing site. Meanwhile, Paul and Kawa disprove an official government account of a meteor impact.

Episode 6

Anatomy Of A Cover Up

Analysis uncovers a correlation between UFO sightings and secret government sites. Paul and Kawa track UFO reports and a former CIA witness breaks his silence.

Episode 7

Fast Movers, Hostile Intent

The team discovers recent video of a fast-moving UFO, and Nick and Sarah fly to Utah to verify authenticity. Nick and Paul uncover hostile acts by UFOs.

Episode 8

Holy Grail Witness

Secret documents lead Myke and Dr. Livingston to recordings of "fast movers" by the US and Russian Navy. Sarah and Nick hunt down the holy grail of eyewitnesses.