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18th November


About The Show

Daring individuals face extreme conditions and harsh elements to build their dream properties in the most remote areas of the Alaskan wilderness.


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Episode 1

Keeping Morale Up

Jeff starts a challenging cliffside build. Chappie Cook's team struggle to get materials on site without roads and first-time builder Chris faces harsh realities.

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Episode 2

Progress Is Messy

Chris is expecting a helicopter delivery of 17,000 pounds of material. Then, Jeff fights the weather conditions to stay on schedule and Chappie's crew struggles.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Going Vertical

Chappie Cook's crew run into both bears and boats while hauling materials. Plus, Jeff constructs his slippery roof and Chris works relentlessly on his cabin.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Rain Gear Is Going On

Chappie Cook's team struggle to lift 600-pound rafters on the cabin's roof. Then, Chris works on drying out his cabin and Jeff installs his cabin's windows.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Game Changer

Jeff struggles with the front deck for his cabin. Then, Chappie's team uncovers a major error while building the exterior insulation and Chris runs out of materials.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

A Toy Set For Big Kids

Chris receives necessary help from his family. Then, Chappie's build is brought to a standstill due to engine problems and Jeff makes a critical error.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Knock This Thing Out

Winter is about to hit Alaska hard and the crews are trying desperately to get the heating systems complete as quickly as possible.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Sky's The Limit

The builds are nearly finished and in the final days, the builders are trying to complete the cabins without more issues. Will they finish in time?