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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Justice For Geno

Codi Joyce died at a house party after a fight in 2015 and nobody was ever charged for his murder. What really happened that night and why will no witnesses...

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Episode 2

Lost In The Woods

Detective Derrick Levasseur and Dr. Kris Mohandie investigate unsolved murder cases. They re-examine old evidence and new clues and try to finally solve these crimes.

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Episode 3

Death By The Bay

In 2013, 51-year-old Robin Pope's body was washed ashore just one mile from her ex-husband's home. Did she drown, or was this a malicious act by her ex?

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Episode 4

Death At Dawn

In 2015 Devan Schmidt's body is found half-naked and bruised in her home. The toxicology report suggests an overdose, but was it foul play at the hands of a new...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

A Deadly Encounter

In 2013, 22-year-old Amber Bass was shot dead in her own driveway after a night out. Was this just a random act of violence or was a jealous lover involved?

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Episode 6

Murder In The Bayou

When Sharon Robinson's body is found outside New Orleans, her abusive corrupt police officer boyfriend is a suspect. But had she been involved in a bigger crime?

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Killer In My Bed

In 1996, beloved teacher Norma Luobikis was found stabbed to death in her home. Evidence suggests an intimate bond between the victim and her killer.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A Murder In Paradise

In 2010, Amber Jackson disappeared from her Kauai home, only to be found brutally murdered days later. Was it the act of a temperamental lover or a stranger?