About The Show

Step inside the world of Golden Gate Funeral Home, were funerals are not sad sombre events but rather celebrations of life. Nothing is too big or too over the top at Golden Gate!


Episode 1

Candy/Hollywood Funeral

A man who loved candy so much has his casket dipped in chocolate for the whole town to eat. Plus, a mother plans her own Hollywood themed wedding.

Episode 2

Bowling/Wedding Funeral

In life, Judy was a bowler. In passing, she will be remembered in the same fashion as her family sends her casket down the lane for one final strike.

Episode 3

Breakfast/Olympics Funeral

After the passing of an Olympian, the Golden Gate staff put together a track and field-themed funeral. But will it be a ceremony worthy of a gold medal?

Episode 4

Football/Western Homegoing

The Golden Gate team are enlisted to plan a funeral for a football superfan, while the family of a prominent pastor request a gunslinging Wild West theme.

Episode 5

Horror/Game Show Homegoing

The Golden Gate crew transform into zombies as they celebrate the life of a horror-enthusiast. Plus, a game show theme featuring a 'Wheel of Funeral'.

Episode 6

Boxing/Hawaii Homegoing

Boxing champion Tyrone 'Showboat' Cotton gets one more round in the ring as his loved ones cheer him on to heaven. Plus, a funeral with a Hawaiian twist.

Episode 7

Country Music Funeral

John's family want to throw him a good ol' country music funeral. There's just one problem - no one at Golden Gate knows a thing about country music.

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