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29th May


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Walter Schumacher and his team help homes and businesses with honeybee infestations. He safely extracts them, all while protecting these precious creatures.


May 29



Episode 5

Bees On Fire

Walter's lobbying for a birthday party, but first Will helps him extract a hive from a firehouse and Meredith tackles her first hive on the roof of a church.

Jun 5



Episode 6

Show Me The Honey

To secure a major deal with a distillery, the bee team hustles to supply a huge shipment of honey. Will tackles a decade's worth of bees in the trunk of...

Episode 1

Welcome To The Bee Biz

Walter is on a mission to save the bees and build a booming honey empire. He must overcome pandemic setbacks to rescue bees from unlikely places.

Episode 2

Bee The Tree

Walter interviews prospective bee wrangler Ramon - who's terrified of bees. Jonathan is in for a surprise when he tackles a huge hive on his own.

Episode 3

A Swarm Is Coming

As work surges, the team make a mistake that puts an entire neighbourhood in danger. Will works to strike a deal selling honey to an Austin eatery chain.

Episode 4

Bees, Bets And A Baby

Walter and Will make a deal to place hives at a country club and put their golf skills to the test. Sandy gets a shot at redemption removing a difficult...

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