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An orphaned stray is picked up by special agents and showcased on a televised adoption appeal and agents seize a batch of ten fighting cocks.


Episode 1

Roof Top Rescue

Boa constrictors are illegal in New York so agent Mike Pastore is shocked when he rescues one. Mike wonders what to do with the deadly eight foot snake.

Episode 2

Samson, Delilah and Disco

Neglect has reduced two huge Cane Corso dogs to trembling wrecks. Their road to recovery is a long one but animal behaviourist Victoria vows to help.

Episode 3

Aniya's Transformation

Undercover agent 'O' seizes a sick dog and races him to the ASPCA. With a soaring temperature, its condition is critical. Only a miracle will save him.

Episode 4

Another Chance

21 animals and a dead dog mark the start of a tough case. An emotional reunion and four arrests later, the ASPCA hopes that the case can be closed.

Episode 5

Brandy's Tale

A dog is rushed in after being injured by its owner during a domestic dispute. With infection a possibility, the team checks to see how worrying its injuries are.

Episode 6

Episode 6

Agent Raheb discovers two severely emaciated St Bernard dogs trapped in a dark basement. Raheb acts immediately to rehabilitate the dogs and to bring the owners to justice.

Episode 7

Tulip And Sheba

An encounter with a truck carrying live poultry worries Special Agent Raheb. He follows his instinct and soon uncovers a terrible example of animal cruelty.

Episode 8

Never Give Up Hope

The NYPD assist in the case of an abandoned dog in a dangerous part of the Bronx. Agent Rivas must win the trust of local youths to expose the culprit.

Episode 9

Episode 9

Special Agents Adam Gankiewicz and Richie Ryan discover two emaciated dogs whilst trawling the streets of New York at night. The search is now on to find the owners.

Episode 10

Episode 10

Two stray puppies are running wild on a factory lot in the Bronx. The dogs are terrified of human contact so the team have to use their improvisational skills to...

Episode 11

Episode 11

Investigators attend to a junkyard dog in need of urgent medical attention and rescue an illegal and dangerous pet from a child's bedroom in a Bronx apartment.

Episode 12

Episode 12

Special agent Kristi Adams rescues a cat with horrific eye injuries. Meanwhile, Animal Care and Control come to the aid of a baseball team with a wildlife problem.

Episode 13

Episode 13

The abusive owner of a neglected puppy angers investigator DiGiacomo, and a timely rescue by the ASPCA means frogs are off the menu in a New York restaurant.

Episode 14

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Annemarie Lucas investigates a case that shocks the whole of the ASPCA after a cat is stolen from an apartment, tortured and murdered.

Episode 15

An Angel on Their Shoulder

Investigator Annemarie Lucas explores jaw dropping animal rescue cases, including the kitten rescued from a sadistic experiment and the puppy found locked in a condemned building.

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