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More and more evidence is coming to light that proves that the Vikings didn’t just reach America, they settled and thrived there.

In each episode, our Viking Hunting Team will travel to a different location and turn detective using new technology to examine old finds and get hands-on to create epic stunts and experiments to test these incredible discoveries.


Episode 1

Beating Columbus

Expert archaeologists investigate the first confirmed Viking settlement in America, making new discoveries that could radically change early American history.

Episode 2

Mystery Of The Sea Raiders

Experts investigate clues that suggest the Vikings could have ventured deep into America, and test Viking ships to reveal how far they could have gone.

Episode 3

War In The New World

New evidence reveals that Vikings and Native Americans might have fought a thousand years ago. Whose weaponry and tactics would have won the battle?

Episode 4

Ghosts Of The Great Lakes

A new artefact might prove that Vikings reached the Midwest. Experts build a replica boat to test if they could have made the dangerous journey.

Episode 5

Curse Of Death Island

The team of expert archaeologists follow clues from the ancient Sagas that leads them to a runestone hidden in a mysterious, hostile island with a deadly past.

Episode 6

The Alaska Enigma

Using the latest technology experts test the shocking theory that the Vikings might have travelled further into America than anyone previously believed.

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