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23rd April


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Dave Turin journeys to unexplored gold regions in America to uncover centuries-old mining mysteries and help everyday miners find their golden paydays.


Apr 23



Episode 8

Carolina Rare Gold

Dave Turin visits the Carolinas to visit America's rarest, most valuable gold. He meets ingenious everyday miners, a moonshiner, and a gold nomad.

Apr 30



Episode 3

Rocky Mountain Nugget Fever

The former Idaho Territory of Idaho and Montana is still rich with gold. Dave shows where and how everyday miners think outside the box to get it.

Episode 1

California's New Gold Rush

In recent years, new gold has been found in California due to heavy storms and flooding. Dave Turin shows how and where everyday miners can find it.

Episode 2

Lost Rivers Of Desert Gold

Dave Turin shows where and how to find Mojave gold. They include traditional dry washing techniques and an ancient Spanish method using a blanket.

Episode 5

Wild West Gold

Dave journeys to the Black Hills of South Dakota where gold has replenished in the waterways, giving better access to everyday miners for the first time in years.

Episode 6

Big Dollar Beaches

Dave heads to the state of Oregon. From the Rogue River rapids to the sands of the Pacific coastline, he shows where the gold is and how to get it.

Episode 7

Gold In Them Georgia Hills

The historic Dahlonega Gold Belt is the Deep South's best-kept secret among miners. Dave shows everyday miners using backyard ingenuity to find riches.

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