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Next Up


3rd February



Feb 3


Episode 1

Cowzilla In Colorado

While Frank recovers from his motorcycle accident, Mike and his brother Robbie travel across Colorado and find a giant cow-shaped RV.

Feb 4


Episode 2

One Of Everything

Mike and Robbie unearth a hidden stash of incredible motorcycle relics at a Colorado property littered with massive man-mobiles.

Feb 5


Episode 3

Junkyard Wizard

In Michigan, Mike and Frank explore an old pharmacy that's full of 'new' old toys. And, they meet a junkyard wizard who has an Oktoberfest gem.

Feb 6


Episode 4

Rat Rod Rolls

In Ohio, Mike and Frank check out a jam-packed farmhouse, an amazing barn, rare rat rod Rolls Royce, and a massive collection with mega-pick potential.

Feb 7


Episode 5

Double Bubble Trouble

Antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visit a hot rod mechanic with a very expensive collection of rare bubbletop cars.

Feb 10


Episode 6

Ready To Roar

Mike and Frank meet a man who has the ultimate big boy toys! They include a rare Porsche and a pair of unusual pick-ups that really get them going.

Feb 11


Episode 7

Ready To Race

Antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz guys visit a former racer and adrenaline junkie in his vintage Ohio garage.

Feb 12


Episode 8

The Jersey Jaguar

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz unleash a sleek '67 Jaguar in a New Jersey garage and later, they pick a general store with a Presidential past.