Episode 1

Smelly Animals

Jack Yabsley and the HMS Buccaneer count down the ten stinkiest animal on the planet. With their 'Stinkometer-4000' they'll analyse animal aromas.

Episode 2

Bite Club

Jack and the Buccaneer count down the top ten 'bites' of the animal world. They'll calculate each animals jaw strength to rank the best.

Episode 3

Wacky Racers

Jack and Buck compare the world's top ten wackiest animal racers with human sprinters. Could a monkey outrun the world's fastest man?

Episode 4

Daring Divers

Jack and the HMS Buccaneer dive under the sea to discover the top ten most daring animal divers. The deeper the dive, the greater the danger!

Episode 5

Disgusting Diets

Jack and Buck serve up foul feasts in their search for the top ten animals with the most disgusting diets. Which food is most foul?

Episode 6

Thrill Seekers

Jack and the Buccaneer strap in for danger as they count down the world's top ten animal thrill-seekers. Featuring a bird that juggles fire with its beak!

Episode 7

Loud Mouths

Jack and Buck pump up the volume and go in search of the top ten loudmouths of the animal world. Find out who's proudest to be the loudest.

Episode 8

Bizarre Bodyparts

Jack and the Buccaneer delve into the wacky world of animal appendages. They calculate what a human would look like with an animal limbs, eyes or ears!

Episode 9


Jack and Buck count down the top ten most venomous animals on the planet. From a stalking monster with deadly dribble to a tiny octopus.

Episode 10


Jack and the Buccaneer count down the top ten animal crowds on the planet. From super swarms to flash mobs, find out which are the biggest party animals.

Episode 11

Freaky Fliers

From a spider with a home-made balloon to an aerodynamic snake, Jack and the Buccaneer countdown the best animal flyers on the planet.

Episode 12

Tough Babies

From brave new-born ducklings to hungry young sharks, Jack and Buck are calculating the top ten toughest baby animals on the planet.

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